Assembly of my new Kent Twin Paddle Key

Since a long time I was using a Bencher-compatible paddle key. But time came, when the plastic parts of the paddle did not fit any more and therefore the paddle key did not function properly any more. So I had to search for a new paddle key.

My researches lead to a Kent Twin Paddle Key, which can be bought as a kit, too. The result is a very massive, excellent key, which I do not want to miss anymore.

The parts of the kit are fitting very well and the time to assemble the key is no more than one or two hours. Unfortunately, Kent’s original assembly notes are a bit short, so I decided to add some pictures on my homepage.

Note: the picture titles are numbered from 1 to 9, the numbers fit to the numbers in the original assembly notes. Other than delivered by Kent, I used a pre-mounted cable with a 3.5mm phone jack already installed.

Remark: the english picture titles to the steps 1 to 9 are © www.kent-engineers.com!

The Kit at the beginning.

... to be completed ...